McCaslin's Story



The name “Hammbone Willy’s” came about as a nickname for my youngest daughter.


As a farmer, I raised my kids to know the agricultural life: horses, cows, crops, John Deere tractors, trucks, motorcycles, and hard work. As my kids grew up I gave them all nicknames. My oldest son, Dustin, earned the name “Bubba”. As a young man he was unusually strong and could out lift and out work most other men on the farm. My daughter Katheryn earned the nickname “KK Louie”. She drove tractors and rode horses. She could do everything the boys could do, but even better. Then came Amanda. She had a great sense of humor and loved to make people laugh. One day, when she was around four years old, I watched her clown around as she usually does. I said out loud, “you’re a hambone…a hambone Willy!”. After I said it, I went to the kitchen table and wrote down on a piece of paper: Hammbone Willy’s, Happy Food For Happy People.

That’s how the dream started. Now, 22 years later, I have retired from farming and the dream of Hammbone Willy’s is coming to past. Great dreams are born in the right timing of life. It’s time.

                                               -Garry McCaslin, owner

Happy Food

Why does food make us happy? When we enjoy comfort food, like the recipes from our grandparent's, we remember when life was good and we always remember the people we were with. So in essence it isn’t the food that makes us happy, it’s the experience, the memories, and the feeling of a clean, fun, and happy atmosphere that brings us back to those people and places of the past.